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Must have aeronautical charts compatible with your favorite flight simulator. Great for practicing dead reckoning navigation. Maps of the original airmail route as trail blazed by Lenburg. Aeronautical publications where you can find answers to most aeronautical questions.

Searchable Aeronautical Publications

Tablet Compatible
Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
Pilot's Handbook of
Aeronautical Knowledge


Tablet Compatible

Aeronautical Charts
Terms and Symbols


Schafer USFS 8U2
Schafer USFS, 8U2
Ref: AOPA Hard Work
in Wild Places

Carson Field
Carson Field, MT53

Meadow Creek USFS
Meadow Creek USFS, 0S1

Albuquerque 17

Tablet Compatible
Airplane Flying HandBook
Airplane Flying

Instrument Procedures Handbook
Instrument Procedures


Roaring Fork Visual
Roaring Fork Visual, CO03

Wilson Bar
Wilson Bar USFS, ID76
Ref: AOPA Pilot Getaways

Campbell Ranch
Campbell Ranch, MT88

Cayuse Creek USFS
Cayuse Creek USFS, 2ID7

Tablet Compatible
Instrument Flying Handbook
Instrument Flying


Aeronautical Information Manual
Aeronautical Information

Aviation Weather

Terminal Procedures

Flight Simulator Navigation


Glenwood Canyon
Glenwood Canyon

Spotted Bear
Spotted Bear USFS, 8U4

 Moose Creek
Moose Creek USFS, 1U1

Dixie A05
Dixie USFS, A05

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